Getting into a car accident can be a stressful experience, and sometimes it can be hard to figure out what you should do. Calling the police is one step that you should always take after an accident. This is often a legal requirement, but that is not the only reason to call them. Having the police come to the scene can help keep everyone safer, and their presence can benefit you if you decide to hire a San Antonio, Texas auto accident lawyer to pursue compensation later.

Is Calling the Police After an Accident Mandatory?

In the state of Texas, calling the police after an accident is your legal obligation in most cases. You need to call the cops if:

  • Someone has suffered injuries or passed away in the accident
  • A driver involved in the accident has left the scene
  • You suspect that another driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The vehicles cannot be safely moved due to damage
  • An involved driver does not have auto insurance

We often recommend that drivers err on the side of caution and call the police even if they think that they are not required to. This can help you protect yourself and it can make it harder for anyone to change their stories later on.

Why Should I Call the Police After an Accident?

The police can help out in a few important ways when they arrive at the accident scene. The cops can:

Provide medical care: Cops are able to help with some first aid, so they should be able to help people with minor injuries before an ambulance gets there.

Clear out space for an ambulance: If there are injuries, the cops will call in an ambulance and paramedics who can help. The police will also do their best to clear out a safe space for the ambulance to pull in, making the road safer for the first responders, anyone involved in the accident, and all other motorists.

Fill out a police report: A police report will contain plenty of useful information about the accident and everyone involved. If you plan to pursue a personal injury case later, it can be an invaluable resource. A report can also be helpful even if you just need to negotiate with your own insurance company.

Speak to witnesses: The cops can also interview bystanders who may have witnessed the accident. They can get their contact information and include them in the report, and these witnesses could be helpful in a personal injury case later.

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