There are many different ways to get hurt in a shopping mall. People slip on floors, get hurt by falling merchandise, or end up injured due to faulty equipment like escalators. If you were injured in a mall, you may deserve compensation. A San Antonio, Texas slip & fall lawyer can help you hold any negligent parties accountable.

What Are Some Common Injuries in Shopping Mall Accidents?

Shopping mall accidents can cause serious injuries. It’s not uncommon for clients to come to us with:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Neck injuries
  • Back and spine injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Some of these injuries can result in expensive medical bills and many of them require long recovery times. Who pays those bills? How do you make up for the lost wages if you have to miss work due to your injuries? You shouldn’t have to worry about these things. Instead, you should file a personal injury claim and hold the property owners responsible for the dangerous conditions that festered on their watch.

What Should I Do After Getting Hurt in a Shopping Mall?

This means that you need to start building your case right away. After you get hurt in a shopping mall, we recommend taking pictures of the accident scene and any injuries that you have. If there were witnesses, get their contact information. They can help you build a case later.

It’s also important to get medical care right away, even if you do not think that your injuries are too serious. If you wait and sue for damages later, the insurance company might try to claim that your injuries are not as serious as you claim because you did not feel the need to get care immediately. They could also claim that you got hurt somewhere else.

Should I Fill Out a Store Incident Report?

Yes, you should. This is your chance to say exactly what happened. Stick to the facts and get a copy of the report when you are done. Do not speak to the store’s insurance company if they step in though. That is what your lawyer is there for.

Who Is Liable For a Shopping Mall Injury?

This is where things can sometimes get tricky. Sometimes the negligent party is obvious, but this isn’t always the case. There’s also the possibility that there are multiple parties to hold accountable. This is why it can be useful to have an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. A lawyer can help you hold all liable parties accountable, including:

  • The property owner
  • A store owner
  • A repair company responsible for the escalators or elevators
  • An outside security company that acted negligently

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