Sustaining an injury in an auto accident of any kind is a jarring and often devastating experience. That said, fortunately, there is legal recourse available to those who’ve been wrongfully injured in auto accidents here in Texas, however, to recover the compensation you need to heal, you’ll need to prove that the auto accident was directly caused by another party’s negligence. To do so, you and your attorney will have to gather and present a wide range of evidence. One of the most useful forms of evidence is photographic evidence. Please continue reading and reach out to a seasoned San Antonio, Texas auto accident lawyer to learn more about the pictures you should take after an auto accident and how we can help you get the compensation you need. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What should I take pictures of after sustaining an injury in an auto accident?

Sometimes, auto accidents are so severe that those injured in them can do nothing other than awaiting the arrival of law enforcement and medical treatment. However, if you can, you should try to take photographs of the following:

  • The vehicles involved. Once you’re in an auto accident (regardless of anyone sustaining an injury) you should photograph, in detail, all damage to both vehicles. Take pictures up close of damage, and take photographs from far away that help show the bigger picture of how the accident occurred.
  • Property involved. Often, auto accidents involve more than just two vehicles. For example, guard rails may have been struck, trees or other vegetation may have been involved, and more. Photograph any property that was damaged in your auto accident.
  • Injuries sustained. If you can, take pictures of the injuries you’ve sustained. Whether it’s your swollen ankle after it was broken or the arm sling you now have to wear because of a broken arm, all of these pictures can prove useful when bringing your personal injury claim.

How long do I have to speak with a personal injury lawyer after an auto accident?

In the state of Texas, the statute of limitations for auto accident claims is, typically, two years, which means that accident victims are required to file their personal injury claims within two years of the date their accident occurred. Waiting any longer than two years will likely result in them being permanently barred from suing. Give us a call today to schedule your initial consultation with our seasoned personal injury law firm.


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