If your injuries from an accident will continue to affect you and make it difficult to participate in activities that you once loved, this can be referred to as a loss of enjoyment of life. This can come in many forms, and if you sue for personal injury you should be sure that your compensation offer has been calculated with this in mind. A Bexar County, Texas personal injury lawyer can help you fight for a settlement that takes your pain and suffering into account.

What Qualifies as a Loss of Enjoyment of Life?

Essentially, you have to show that there was something that you once loved doing before the accident. Once you were injured, due to the actions or negligence of someone else, you have found that you are unable to participate in that pastime you really enjoyed. Examples of loss of enjoyment can include:

  • Someone can no longer play a sport they loved due to injuries suffered in a car accident
  • An enthusiastic hiker can no longer enjoy the outdoors as they used to after suffering a spinal cord injury
  • A musician can no longer play their favored instrument due to a lost limb or damage to a body part
  • Someone is unable to work due to their injuries and now needs to be reliant on others

Yes, even an inability to return to work can qualify as a loss of enjoyment. Many people get a sense of accomplishment out of their job and being a breadwinner for their families. Being injured in an accident can upend their lives and make them question their purpose, and this can lead to mental health issues that should be addressed by any fair compensation offer.

How Are Loss of Enjoyment Damages Calculated?

A loss of enjoyment of life is harder to quantify than some other types of damages in a personal injury case. It is not like a pile of medical bills with easy-to-read numbers attached to them.

There are still some ways for this to be calculated though. A court can look at a variety of factors to see how much an accident has impacted your quality of life. It will essentially ask two questions:

  • Have your injuries prevented you from doing things that you once enjoyed?
  • How does this affect your quality of life?

Your age, health, and expected life expectancy can also be factors here. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you build a case and show how your injuries have adversely affected your mental and physical health.

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