When you make a personal injury claim, you can hire a lawyer. In most situations, a lawyer will charge a client a retainer or an hourly fee. In personal injury cases however, an attorney will instead charge what’s known as a “contingency fee.” There are good reasons for this kind of fee arrangement, and a San Antonio, Texas oilfield injury lawyer from our firm would be happy to tell you more about how this all works.

What is a Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee is a fee that only gets paid when a specific event occurs. In a personal injury case, that means that the fee is only paid when your case is won. So when you sue for personal injury with the help of a lawyer, you do not pay your lawyer upfront or by the hour. Instead, they only get paid when you do.

The amount of a contingency fee can differ depending on the type of case and how much money is won. It’s usually a specific percentage of the client’s settlement. In most cases, the harder it could be to win the case, the higher the contingency fee will be. The percentage taken can also change as the amount of a settlement grows. For example, a lawyer might take 50% of the first $10,000 recovered but only 33% of anything more than that. We have to emphasize that the amount of your contingency fee will vary based on your unique circumstances though.

Why Is a Contingency Fee Arrangement Ideal For Personal Injury Cases?

When you get hurt in an accident and decide to sue, you are likely going up against a big insurance company with an army of lawyers. This rarely looks like a fair fight, but that doesn’t mean that you should not get the chance to fight for the compensation that you deserve.

When your lawyer is paid with a contingency fee, that means that it does not matter how many resources you have at your disposal. You only pay your lawyer when you win, so you can file a claim and seek to hold any negligent party who caused your injuries responsible for what they have done. You should get the chance to sue for compensation even if you do not have extra money lying around that can be used to pay an attorney.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

The contingency fee arrangement is a good reason not to tackle a personal injury case on your own. If you need more encouragement, you should learn more about what a lawyer can do to assist you. Your lawyer can:

  • Gather evidence needed to strengthen your case
  • File your claim before the statute of limitations expires
  • Prepare you to testify
  • Field settlement offers and calculate fair compensation
  • Handle all communications on your behalf

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