Traffic studies show that every 71 seconds, there is an automobile crash on Texas roads. Car accidents can unfortunately lead to serious injuries and even fatalities. Because of the high number of car crashes in our state, it’s not a surprise that thousands of Texan drivers worry about car accidents. Have you were wondered about which car accidents are the most dangerous? Don’t worry because our knowledgeable law firm has all the answers you’ll need! Continue reading this blog to learn more, or reach out to a San Antonio, Texas Car Accident Lawyer today for individualized legal counseling.


Overall, off-the-road crashes are by far the most deadly type of car accident. These occur when a car ends up accidentally veering off of a roadway and into a stationary object, like a tree or telephone pole. They are most often caused by inclement weather conditions, distracted driving, and drunk drivers. Research shows that 32% of all fatal car accidents are off-the-road crashes.

The second most dangerous types of car accidents are side impact collisions, which make up around 21% of all car crash fatalities. These are especially dangerous since the side of your car offers the least amount of protection. However, more and more car manufacturers are implementing airbags into the side doors to hopefully prevent future injuries and deaths from these accidents.


Not all car accidents can be avoided, but many collisions are entirely preventable. Some of the best ways to prevent crashes include:

  • Always drive sober
  • Be alert of other drivers on the road
  • Don’t drive when drowsy, and pull over if you feel fatigued
  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Pay attention to the road and don’t get distracted
  • Keep a safe following distance
  • Always use your driving signals when necessary
  • Follow the rules of the road


Law enforcement will likely arrive at the scene of a car accident to file an official report. This is important because police officers will interview witnesses and everyone involved in the crash to determine what caused the incident. Texas is an at-fault state, so the driver who caused the accident will be liable for almost all damages. However, the at-fault driver’s insurance sometimes doesn’t cover all expenses, so you may be able to file a personal injury claim to earn further restitution. This is only possible if the at-fault driver was guilty of negligence, which is when someone fails their civic duty of minimizing harm to others. A talented lawyer can help you gather evidence to prove the other driver acted negligently, and you could win compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

If you’ve recently been injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligent actions, you deserve a trustworthy personal injury attorney who can fight for you. Thankfully, Sahadi Legal Group is on your side! Contact our highly experienced team today for an initial consultation.