When you choose a nursing home for your loved one, you expect the facility to take great care of them. Finding out that they have been subjected to neglect or abuse instead can trigger a whirlwind of emotions along with the desire to hold those people who caused your loved one harm responsible for their actions. If you believe that you have a nursing home abuse case to pursue, a Bexar County, Texas personal injury lawyer from our firm can assist you.

What Signs of Nursing Home Abuse Should I Look For?

The effects of nursing home abuse or neglect can have signs that are physical, but there are also some emotional and behavioral cues to look for. Signs of abuse can include:

  • New injuries, like fractures, head injuries, and bedsores
  • Malnutrition or rapid changes in weight
  • Untreated infections and injuries
  • Sudden changes in your loved one’s behavior
  • Withdrawal and a desire for isolation
  • Obvious unsanitary conditions
  • Signs that your loved one has been restrained
  • Odd behaviors from caretakers, like refusing to leave you alone with your relative

Your loved one is supposed to be cared for in this facility. Instead, they could be subjected to cruelty and neglect. If you suspect that your loved one is being abused, you need to act.

What Can I Do If My Loved One is Suffering Abuse?

First, you will want to document any signs of the abuse you can. If there are injuries, like bedsores, take pictures. Keep any records relating to your loved one’s needed medical treatments. If you believe that your relative is in immediate danger, get them out of the facility.

Once you take these steps, it may be time to pursue a personal injury suit.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Hiring an attorney is not mandatory, but one can do many things to assist you with a nursing home abuse case. Your lawyer can:

  • File your case and start the legal process
  • Gather evidence, like previous records concerning the facilities and specific employees
  • Answer any questions that you and your family have
  • Pursue fair compensation for your loved one
  • Hold all contributing parties responsible

We are here to fight for you and your family when you are ready to make things right.

Is There a Statute of Limitations?

Yes, you only have two years to file a nursing home abuse case. Our attorneys can get the legal process started for you while you take care of your family and their needs. This way you do not miss out on your chance to pursue compensation and hold any guilty parties accountable.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you believe that your loved one has suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of those who were sworn to take care of them, you need to act. Contact the Sahadi Legal Group and schedule a consultation. We are ready to tell you more about your legal options and how our compassionate personal injury attorneys can help.