Any road can be dangerous, but drivers should be especially aware of the unique dangers of driving on bridges. Car crashes on bridges can be especially harrowing, but knowing what to expect can help you stay safer. And if you do get injured in a bridge accident, a San Antonio, Texas car accident lawyer from our firm is prepared to help you.

What Can Be More Dangerous About Crashes on Bridges?

Crashes on bridges can present some unique dangers. Such accidents can be complicated by:

Side impacts: The barriers on a bridge are meant to stop drivers from falling off of the bridge. They are built quite sturdy for that reason, but this means that any crash involving these barriers are likely to do extreme damage to the side of a vehicle. If someone happens to be seated in that part of the car, they are likely to be seriously injured.

Chain reactions: Chain reaction collisions can happen any time there’s an accident and other cars are not able to avoid it. This is more likely to happen on a bridge because there is often less space to maneuver around vehicles that have hit each other. This can mean that additional cars just keep colliding with each other and causing more damage and injuries.

Ice: Bridges ice over faster than most roads around it. On the rare occasion that we get extremely cold weather here in Texas, you need to be careful driving over bridges.

Going overboard: A crash at a high enough speed could result in a car falling off of the bridge and into water or on to a road below.

What Should Drivers Do After Accidents on Bridges?

When possible, drivers need to move their cars to a safer area, like the shoulder. The cops should be called so that they can make a report and you need to exchange insurance info with any other drivers involved. If you can safely take pictures of the cars and accident scene, do that.

Can I Sue For Damages After an Accident?

If you believe that someone else was to blame for the accident, you can sue for compensation. Our law firm can help you pursue a settlement that makes up for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning potential
  • Property damages
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Mental anguish and trauma
  • Pain and suffering

Should I Hire a Lawyer?

If you decide to sue for damages, we recommend hiring a lawyer. Accident cases like these can get complicated quickly, especially in chain reaction collisions where there could be multiple defendants involved. We can help you hold all liable parties accountable and fight for the compensation that you deserve.

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