After you get hurt on the job, you do have rights. You have the right to file for workers’ compensation benefits and the right to a hearing. However, sometimes other factors can complicate a case and make it harder for injured workers to secure the compensation that they deserve. If you find yourself in that kind of situation, a San Antonio, Texas work injury lawyer should be able to assist you.

What Should I Do After I Get Hurt on the Job?

After you get hurt on the job, the first priority should be reporting it to your boss. If a workplace injury is not reported right away, an employer may try to get out of paying you damages. They might try to claim that you got the injury elsewhere and that you were never actually hurt while working.

Once you have reported your injury, the process of applying for workers’ compensation begins. If your claim is approved, you can receive money for lost wages and medical expenses. If it not approved, you can appeal the denied claim.

What If My Employer Doesn’t Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

There is one potential complication though. You cannot sue your employer if you get hurt on the job because they are supposed to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you get hurt, you go through this process to receive a payout instead of suing your employer directly.

However, Texas does not actually require all employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. That means that if you get hurt and your employer does not have insurance, you do have to sue them directly.

Can I Sue a Third Party If I Get Hurt on the Job?

Workers’ compensation may not be your only option after you get hurt on the job. Multiple parties can contribute to an accident that causes injuries. So you may get hurt on the job, but someone else aside from your employer could also be held liable.

A good example of this is when a worker is hurt in a car crash. If they were driving for work, they are eligible for workers’ compensation. However, if another driver caused the crash, the injured worker could also sue that driver for damages.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

You have the right to have a lawyer when you file for workers’ compensation and when you appeal a denied claim. It can also be beneficial to have one if you have to sue your employer directly due to their lack of insurance or if you sue a third party.

Our attorneys have plenty of experience handling these kinds of situations. We can help you build a case and negotiate with insurers while you focus on what’s really important, your health and recovery.

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