Not only are burn injuries some of the most painful types of injuries, but they can impact a victim’s entire life. This kind of injury is more common than most people think because it can occur due to various circumstances. Have you recently suffered a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence? Are you wondering if you are eligible for compensation for your injuries? Our firm is here to help! To learn more, read this blog or reach out to a San Antonio, Texas Burn Injury Lawyer today.


There are various types of burn injuries that are possible after a personal injury accident. The main burn types are:

  • Thermal These burns occur due to heat sources that raise the skin’s temperature and subsequently cause tissue cell death and charring. Examples include burns from hot liquids, fire, steam, and hot surfaces.
  • Electrical – These burns are from an electrical current, and they are most common in the workplace. Examples include live wires and pieces of machinery.
  • Chemical – The burns occur when dangerous chemicals come into contact with someone’s skin or eyes. examples include strong acids, alkalies, detergents, and solvents.
  • Radiation – The burns are due to prolonged exposure to sources of radiation. Examples include the sun’s ultraviolet rays and X-ray exposure.

There are also various degrees of burns. First-degree burns are the least severe and affect only the top layer of the skin. Meanwhile, second-degree burns cause painful blistering to the top two layers of the skin, and third-degree burns destroy the top layers of the skin. Fourth-degree burns are the most severe and destroy all layers of the skin, potentially damaging muscle and bone, which could be fatal to victims.


Mild burns, such as first-degree thermal burns, are generally pretty easy to treat since they are the least severe. For these, you can simply rinse the area with cold water, disinfect the wound, and bandage it up until the burn heals (which would probably be a week at most). It’s important to keep the area clean to avoid further infection. More severe burns will require treatment from a medical professional, and some burns may require a skin transplant (also called a skin graft procedure).

Some burn injuries occur in the workplace, especially for those who work with mechanical machinery or chemicals. You may be eligible for workers’ compensation. If your burn was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury claim to earn compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

If you’ve recently suffered any type of burn injury, you may be eligible for compensation for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. Our firm is dedicated to helping victims of burn injuries earn the restitution that they deserve. Contact our highly experienced team today for an initial consultation.