If a property owner is aware of a safety hazard on their land or in their building and does nothing to fix it, they need to be held accountable when someone gets harmed by it. A San Antonio, Texas slip & fall lawyer can help you gather evidence and build a case against a negligent property owner.

What Kinds of Safety Hazards Should a Property Owner Look Out For?

There are all types of problems that can cause safety issues on any given property. It can be tough to monitor for all types of safety hazards at any given time, but it is an owner’s responsibility to look for anything that could make guests unsafe. Some especially common problems that can be sued over include:

  • Broken walkways or floors
  • Poor lighting
  • Building code violations
  • Loose electrical cords and unsafe wiring
  • Torn carpet and loose rugs
  • Parking lot damage or defects
  • Stairwells with broken or missing handrails
  • Slipping hazards, like wet floors and puddles
  • Poor security protocols that lead to someone getting hurt

When one of these safety hazards causes you harm, you should sue for damages and hold the property owner accountable.

How Can I Show That a Property Owner is Responsible for a Safety Hazard?

The difficult thing is showing that you were injured by a hazard and that the property owner was responsible for it. An owner can claim that they never knew about the hazard. That is why you need to have evidence like:

  • A copy of a complaint about said safety hazard
  • Maintenance records
  • Photos of the unsafe condition
  • Witnesses who will testify that the property owner knew about the hazard
  • Incident reports that mention the safety hazard

If you can show that the property owner should have known about the safety hazard and that they should have fixed it, that can do a lot to help with your case.

Could There Be Multiple Liable Parties When a Safety Hazard Causes Harm?

It is also important to note that the property owner might not be the sole liable party here. If they rent out the space to someone else, the party in charge of managing the building could be the one responsible for keeping the property safe. They might be the liable party here or you may even have two targets to pursue for damages, both the property owner and property manager.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

You can pursue a personal injury case on your own, but winning might be difficult. Proving another person to be negligent is tough work. So you should think about talking to our attorneys and seeing what they have to offer before you go it alone.

Meet With an Attorney

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