Halloween is supposed to be a fun holiday and it’s surely one of the days that your child looks forward to all year. Unfortunately, Halloween can also be a dangerous day if you are not careful about watching out for potential risks. Follow this advice from a San Antonio, Texas pedestrian accident lawyer and do everything that you can to keep your children safer this season.

How Can I Reduce Risks on Halloween?

There are cars on the road, broken sidewalks and dark areas that can cause falls, and other hazards to look out for. If you want to reduce how risky this environment can be for your kids, you should:

Pay attention: If you are out with your children, you need to make sure that you are paying attention to everything. Put the phone away and keep an eye out for cars backing out of driveways or speeding vehicles. You should tell your kids to look out for the same things, but depending on their age they may not know how seriously they should be taking things.

Take your time with street crossings: Make sure that your kids know that they cannot just run across the street to get to the next group of houses. Stop, look both ways, and if there is a driver stopped make eye contact with them before you cross in front of them.

Be available to your older children: If your older kids want to go trick-or-treating on their own and you trust them to be safe, let them enjoy some independence. You should also let them know that you are around if they need help or if they need to be picked up because they are tired or wandered too far.

Should We Avoid Certain Types of Halloween Costumes?

In general, big rubber masks that can block the vision of the wearer are considered more dangerous than alternatives like face paint and makeup. You do not have to avoid such costumes entirely, but you should know the risks and make sure that you are taking steps to protect any of your kids who choose to wear a bigger mask. Holding their hand or letting them travel primarily in a wagon, if they are small enough, can be a good way to let them dress how they want without endangering themselves.

We also recommend ensuring that some part of each kid’s costume makes it easy for motorists to see them. A glow stick or pieces of reflective tape could be used, or you can make sure that treat bags are brightly colored and easy to see.

What Should I Do If Someone Does Get Hurt?

You can take all of the precautions in the world and people can still get hurt in an accident. If your child is injured, get them medical help right away. Take pictures of the scene where the accident happened. If a driver was involved, get their info. Then talk to any potential witnesses.

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