There is plenty of fun to be had this summer, but you have to prioritize safety too. This is especially true if you have kids and you want to be sure that they are safe around swimming pools this summer. Not everyone keeps their pools secured, and it is very possible that your child could be injured due to the irresponsibility of another property owner. So you should do your best to help your kids stay safe, and you should be prepared to talk to a Bexar County, TX personal injury lawyer if you or a loved one gets injured this season.

How Can I Teach My Kids About Swimming Pools and Safety?

Teaching your kids about swimming pool safety is important, even if you do not have a pool yourself. It is important even if you do not think that you and your family will be doing that much swimming this summer. It is possible that your children will end up near swimming pools and other bodies of water even if you did not plan on it, so being cautious is your best option.

Your kids do not have to be amazing swimmers right away. Enrolling them in swim lessons can be a good idea, but the really important thing is that your children know that there are rules and their own limitations to be aware of. For example, you should make sure that any of your children who cannot swim know that they should be sticking to the shallow section of the pool. This is important to reinforce because younger kids can be tempted to follow their older siblings into the deeper end.

You can also make other rules for them, like only allowing them to swim when they have a buddy or someone to watch them in the water. Also, remember to pay full attention if you are the one supervising the kids in the pool. Stay off your phone and advise your older kids to do the same if you put them in charge for a bit.

How Can I Keep My Own Swimming Pool Safe?

If you have a swimming pool of your own, setting rules is not the only thing you should do to keep it safe. You should also:

  • Surround your pool with fencing
  • Use a lockable cover
  • Remove ladders from aboveground pools when they are not in use
  • Install a locking gate that closes automatically

Doing these things can keep your own children safe and can also prevent other people from wandering onto your property and getting injured.

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