Unfortunately, every year, people in the United States are seriously harmed, or even lose their lives, as a result of defective drugs. It is important to know that some drugs on the market are known to have serious and unexpected adverse side effects on those who take them. If you wrongfully received a defective drug injury, read on to learn how a skilled San Antonio, Texas defective drugs lawyer at Sahadi Legal Group can help you set up your personal injury claim.

Who is the responsible party for my defective drug injury?

Pharmaceutical companies are commonly the at-fault party in defective drug injury claims. Examples of their negligence are as follows:

  • Unsafe design: drug designers are legally obligated to ensure their drugs are safe for public use. For your case, you must prove that there was a safer, and yet economically feasible, way to make the drug that would not hinder its usability.
  • Carelessly manufactured: drug manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that they follow the blueprints provided by drug designers. For your case, you must prove that the manufacturer diverged away from these guidelines to cut corners, and thus, the drug became unsafe.
  • Improper labeling and failure to warn: pharmaceutical companies are required to include written warnings about potential hazards and instructions on how to use the drug. For your case, you must prove that there was no clear marketing that would have otherwise prevented your accident from occurring.

What steps should I take for my defective drug injury claim?

It may be tempting to throw away the defective drug after your accident. However, this would be a mistake, as this is a vital piece of physical evidence for your claim. Instead, it is best that you preserve the drug in a place where it will not pose harm to you or others. But at the very least, you should take photos of the drug, the packaging, and the damage it caused.

For further assistance in collecting the appropriate evidence for your case, contact a seasoned San Antonio, Texas defective product lawyer today.

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