When you get into an accident and sue for compensation, you may be wondering exactly what happens when your personal injury settlement is awarded. Does it pay off your medical bills for you, or do you have to handle those yourself while you wait for your settlement money to come in? The answer to this can get a bit complicated based on how much you owe and how long your case takes, but a Bexar County, Texas personal injury lawyer from our firm can help you figure everything out.

What Can Result in Expensive Medical Bills After an Accident?

You could end up dealing with all kinds of costs after getting seriously injured in an accident. Common expenses include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Surgery costs
  • Lab fees
  • Physical therapy appointments
  • Prescription medications

All of these medical bills can add up quickly, and your personal injury settlement should help you pay them.

Will My Health Insurance Provider Pay Medical Bills After an Accident?

If you have health insurance, it should help cover some of your medical bills. However, your plan probably has a deductible to hit and how much of the cost your insurer shares with you after that can vary greatly depending on the terms of your plan. So your insurer can pay some of your costs, but you are probably going to have to pay the rest.

What Happens Once I Get My Personal Injury Settlement?

Fortunately, once you do receive your personal injury settlement, you can use that to pay your medical bills. In some cases, a hospital or doctor can wait for you to pay and they will place a lien on your settlement. This means that they will get paid what they owe right after your case is finished.

Your health insurer can also place a lien though. If they paid for some of your medical bills and then you receive a settlement, a private insurer or a government plan like Medicaid is entitled to be repaid. This is known as subrogation. So if your insurer pays $5,000 in medical bills after your accident and then you receive a settlement, they can place a lien for that amount.

Should I Delay Medical Care?

It may seem like it’s easier to get most of the medical care you need after receiving your settlement, but it’s not recommended. You need to seek out care right away, regardless of the cost. Not seeking out care can make it more difficult to win your case.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

Your lawyer can help you in a few important ways with your case, but they can also help you negotiate with your insurer and others about medical liens. This can help you keep more of your personal injury settlement.

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